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Choice and availability


The website offers the world's largest selection of outdoor plants, listing almost 25,000 varieties of perennials, shrubs, trees, climbers, roses, bulbs, annuals, and seeds.

We regularly add new and exclusive varieties to our collections. We also offer gardening equipment and plant care products.

Our stocks are displayed and updated in real time. If a plant is temporarily unavailable, click on the availability alert and you'll be notified when it's back in stock. 


Quality and robustness


We work with growers selected for the quality, robustness, beauty, and uniqueness of their plants. The plants are then grown in a ‘toughening up way’ outdoors or in our unheated greenhouses.

We prioritise achieving high quality root systems to guarantee strong plants that will establish well in their garden, and we guarantee our plants as follows: 6 months for annuals, 1 year for perennials, and 2 years for trees and shrubs. 

Today, over a third of our products are sourced locally: 31% of our plants are produced locally, within a radius of less than 150 km from the company, and 42% are produced in France. Our aim is to offer you 40% locally-sourced plants by 2026.


Customised advice and inspiration


We renewed our site each season to help you discover a responsible gardening mindset and embrace new solutions and practices that reflect our interpretation of the current world view. These are suitable for all gardeners, from beginners to experts.


Lastly, Plantfit, our free, customised advice service, will help you select the plants best suited to your garden and your skills! Plantfit will offer you a unique, tailored experience: it is the only application that will take into account the key parameters of your garden (soil type and pH, humidity, sunshine, exposure to wind, climate), and your gardening skills, to help you select and successfully grow your plants.

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We only deliver seed and bulb products to your country. If you add other products to your basket, they cannot be shipped.