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Campanula for pots

41 results

41  results


A selection of Campanulas, well-suited for pot cultivation. An easy-to-grow perennial plant in the garden, the campanula can also be grown in pots. Some dwarf varieties are particularly well-suited for this use, especially wall campanula, Campanula portenschlagiana and the carpetting campanula, Campanula carpatica. They have given rise to beautiful cultivars with white, blue, or pink flowers, whose long stems work wonders in hanging baskets and planters. Let's mention Campanula poscharskyana 'Lisduggan Variety', a very vigorous variety that is covered with numerous lavender-pink star-shaped flowers in late spring and autumn. Precious like a jewel, to be closely observed in a planter, the Elizabeth Oliver bellflower is a small groundcovering plant that offers double, pale powdery blue flowers, looking like extremely delicate small roses in summer. To enhance a container, also try the Rubriflora spotted bellflower, a lovely bush adorned with large purple-pink flowers. The intense blue that colours the long bells of the Sarastro bellflower decorate this modest-sized plant throughout the summer if you regularly prune the faded flowers. There are many other varieties, to be discovered on these pages.



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