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Aruncus, also known as Goatsbeard, is a spectacular perennial that offers summer flowering in large, light, white panicles, and decorative, dark green and deeply cut foliage. The inflorescences are carried above the foliage and are enhanced by the dark green colour. The most common species in cultivation is the Aruncus dioicus, an imposing plant that can reach up to two meters in height. There are also more compact varieties, such as Aruncus aethusifolius or Aruncus 'Horatio', which are more suitable for small gardens.

Aruncus prefers moist, fertile, loose soil. It requires no maintenance, is very hardy and robust as well as highly resistant to diseases and pests. It is perfect for wild gardens, natural settings, woodland or at the edge of a pond.

Aruncus can be combined with Astilbes as their cultivation is quite similar. 

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