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Drought-resistant bushes

1571 results

1571  results


You will find in these pages our range of Drought-resistant Shrubs, a selection of bushes adapted to the landscaping of a garden without watering, in the sun or in the shade. It includes hedge plants, evergreen or deciduous, but also bushes to flower your flower beds, or even undershrubs of scrub vegetation, maquis, and other arid steppes. Economical in water, these shrubs are more or less resistant to frost, but with the widely known climate changes, they are increasingly being planted in gardens. The choice is vast, from laurier tin to Elaeagnus for the most well-known, passing through Perovskias, persistent ceanothes, and bearberries. Of course, for the hottest regions, it is also among the shrubs of our Mediterranean hills such as the evergreen oak, cistus, mastic, or even Phillyrea that the gardener will find the champions of drought resistance. However, it is important to keep in mind that "drought-resistant" does not mean that you should never water your shrubs! For the two or three summers following planting, it is essential to help them establish themselves with abundant but spaced waterings, until the roots are sufficiently developed. After this period, the plants become autonomous. Of course, during years of extreme drought and heatwaves, a garden still needs monitoring.