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Easy-to-grow Agastache

12 results

12  results


A selection of easy-to-grow, hardy Agastaches that flower generously without requiring much care. These include Agastache rugosa, A. nepetoides and their cultivars, as well as recent hybrids from the Kudos series ('Kudos Gold', 'Kudos Red' etc.). All of these are a beneficial field of plants, with aromatic foliage, that flower from spring to late summer. These plants form clumps ranging from 40 cm (16in) in height for the most compact ones ('Beelicious Purple') to over 1.50 m (5ft) like the Agastache 'Serpentine'. As for flowering, the colour palette ranges from shades of mauve blue to violet, pinks, yellows, orange, and even red! All the varieties presented in this category thrive in a sunny exposure and a not too heavy or too dry soil. While some have a fairly limited lifespan, they sometimes self-seed spontaneously in the garden.


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