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The Galega officinalis, a well-known medicinal plant for its therapeutic properties, is undoubtedly the most famous of this kind of perennial plant belonging to the large Legume family. Fantastic forour temperate climate meadows and feared by goats and cattle, the Goat's Rue or Spanish Sainfoin is a plant that is as useful for human health as it is interesting in ornamental gardens or even in orchards towards which its honey-bearing flowering attracts pollinating insects. Galegas are large, easy-to-care-for perennials that thrive in the sun and cool soil, bringing the charm of the countryside into our gardens. They are large, slightly untidy bushes dressed in light, cut foliage. Depending on the species and varieties, they offer long spikes of butterfly-like flowers in summer, often pleasantly scented with coconut or vanilla, white, or a vibrant blue-violet in the case of the Galega orientalis. They can be mauve or bicoloured for the Galega hartlandii Lady Wilson. Galegas can be paired with other generous large perennials like daylilies and perfectly dress the base of climbing plants. They easily self-seed and spread in neglected areas of the garden. 

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