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Cerastium or mouse ear is a vigorous, creeping perennial plant. Like Cerastium tomentosum Yo-Yo or Cerastium biebersteinii, the dense evergreen foliage forms adorable grey fluffy mats, dotted with many small white flowers from May to July. Hardy and drought-resistant, Cerastium is ideal for quickly covering slopes, rockeries, and dry, stony surfaces, and its dense foliage will prevent weeds from growing. Plant Cerastium in the sun in well-drained soil, even poor and chalky, dry to moist, without stagnant moisture. Place them at the top of walls, or in the gaps formed by their stones, in rockeries, or along steps, accompanied by thymes or dwarf artemisias for example. They also go very well on a slope with perennials and shrubs for dry soil such as lavenders, rockroses, aubrietas, rosemary, Cerastostigma and valerian. Cerastiums can also be grown in pots on terraces and balconies, where they will escape the edges of their pots to create living draperies. They are also suitable for green roofs.

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