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Phygelius are upright bushes considered more like herbaceous perennials. These perennials form a clump by suckering. From June to October, abundant tubular flowers gather in large panicles, 15 to 30cm long. These flowers, 2 to 6cm in size, are red, purple or pale yellow depending on the species or varieties. The foliage is evergreen but disappears during harsh winters. These perennials tend to sucker and are valuable as ground covers.

It is a plant resistant to temperatures up to -10°C. Native to South Africa, it grows on moist slopes and river banks. Quite easy to grow almost anywhere in France, this plant accepts all types of acidic, neutral or limestone soils, provided they are well-drained in winter, with a preference for fertile, clayey and cool soil in summer. It thrives in partial shade or full sun. It can be placed in flower beds as well as in pots or hanging baskets.

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