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Asters for shade

14 results

14  results


Asters for Shade or Partial Shade. These are varieties derived from the wood aster, Aster cordifolius 'Little Carlow' and 'Ideal' for example. But also Aster lateriflorus, which has produced the lovely 'Lady in Black'. Or selections of the divaricate aster such as 'Beth Chatto' or 'Tradescant'. Their size varies from 30-40 cm (12-16in) to over 1 m (3ft) in height and their summer to autumn flowering comes in white, blue, pink and purple. They will be planted on the edge of woodland or in borders and beds that do not receive sunlight in the afternoon during the hottest hours. All these perennials are very hardy and they flower very well in partial shade, or even not too dense shade. Discover the full range of asters suitable for more or less shaded areas of the garden.


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