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There are no less than one hundred and eighty plus species of the genus Athyrium throughout the world. The most famous is from European flora: Athyrium filix-femina or lady fern, which might be found on a Sunday walk in the woods. But several varieties exist within this species with highly particular fronds: such as in the >variety 'Victoriae', a lady fern with cristate fronds, or the variety 'Cruciatum' whose fronds have the appearance of lace.

Athyrium niponicum also have great beauty. Particularly the variety 'Pictum' with its beautifully variegated fronds adorned with blue and silver metallic hints, highlighted with purple-red along the midrib. Japanese ferns can quickly colonise a permanently wet area.

Athyriums are deciduous ferns in European latitudes and appreciate humid and shaded atmospheres, as well as slightly acidic soil rich in humus.

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