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36  results


The Fargesia is a non-spreading bamboo, evergreen, well-suited for small spaces that won't escape from the garden. The root system of this bamboo, called cespitose, with its rhizomes remaining well-grouped, does not require the installation of anti-rhizome barriers. The Fargesia is ideal as a standalone specimen or to create a beautiful privacy or windbreak hedge in a large garden. It grows well in pots to bring an exotic touch to a terrace or balcony. There are dozens of cultivars, most often derived from the Fargesia rufa, F. robusta, F.murielae, F.denudata and Fargesia nitida. All are native to China and the northern Himalayas. In the garden, they are very hardy evergreen shrubs, with a slightly slow growth in the first few years but easy to cultivate in most of our regions. Their graceful habit, with large, flexible, slightly arched clumps, their slender and tight canes, their exotic appearance and their good screening power are appreciated. They can be grown, depending on the case, in full sun, partial shade or even in shade, in ordinary soil, preferably moist, well-drained, enriched with humus and low in limestone.


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