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Impatiens and Sunpatiens

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19  results


Impatiens are tender plants with a beautiful, long flowering period, but most of them cannot be grown in open ground. The colour of their flowers ranges from pure white to violet, with all shades of pink, red, and orange. They bloom from June to October. While Impatiens prefer shade or partial shade, Sunpatiens prefer a sunny spot. Sunpatiens are the result of cross-breeding between the New Guinea Impatiens and two other varieties, which is why they tolerate sunlight well. Like Impatiens, they come in several colours, are vigorous with a 6-month flowering period, resistant to diseases, and easy to grow. With a rounded habit, they are excellent air-purifying plants and regulators of the surrounding temperature. All these varieties thrive in soft, moist and humus-rich soil. Add compost when planting and fertilise potted plants once a week with liquid fertiliser. Combine them with Begonias, Fuchsias, Hostas, or Japanese Anemones. Tips: Watch out for slugs and the highly virulent rot in humid weather.

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