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Blue water lilies

4 results

4  results


The blue water lilies are mythical tropical varieties for ponds. Discover the Nymphaea 'Tina', a spectacular water lily with blue-violet flowers, enhanced by lighter outer petals and yellow stamens. 'Dauben' is famous for its abundant flowering and vigorous growth. It presents delicate sky blue flowers, while 'Colorata' seduces with its intensely blue flowers that will beautify the aquatic garden. Let's also mention the variety 'Pennsylvania', with its almost mystical dark blue flowers that add a unique depth to this collection. These varieties allow you to transform a pond into an oasis of tranquility and beauty. Discover them on our pages.

The water lilies thrive in the sun, in calm water. Their rootstock should be planted at a depth ranging from 20 cm for dwarf varieties to 1 m for the most vigorous ones. To find out everything, consult our complete guide "Nymphea, water lilies: planting and maintenance".

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