Asters for bouquets

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60  results


A selection of Asters for making bouquets. The tall autumn asters, especially Aster novae-angliae and novi-belgii with their long stems, provide excellent cut flowers, stunning in large autumn bouquets with dahliasroses, clusters of grasses, foliage, or decorative fruiting shrubs. In mixed bouquets the aster, with its little stars, brings a rustic and romantic touch. Asters are perennial plants renowned for their magnificent honey-producing flowers that attract and nourish many pollinators. There are a multitude of varieties. Their pretty flowers are similar to small daisies that come in white, pink, blue, or mauve tones. They are easy to cultivate by everyone and very cold hardy. To keep bouquet flowers longer, choose a large vase, cut the stems diagonally, remove the leaves that are in the water, and regularly change the water in the vase. You can add a teaspoon of bleach to prevent the water from spoiling.


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