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Annuals for cut flowers

1145 results

1145  results


Our wide range of annual cut flower plants are available as flower seeds or young plants. Among the most well-known are Cosmos, with its single or double flowers in pastel or vibrant colours, Zinnia, with its brightly coloured daisy-like flowers, Amaranth, with its trailing floral spikes, and the Globe Amaranth or Gomphrena Qis formula Mix, with its original ball-shaped flowers. Discover also numerous varieties of Marigolds, Sunflowers, Cockscombs, and the diversity of Annual Delphiniums. These flowers enhance summer flower beds and are perfect for creating beautiful country-style, contemporary, or romantic floral arrangements. By cultivating your own cut flower garden or florist garden, you can discover all the possibilities that fresh flowers offer.

These annual plants are easy to sow, grow, and maintain and offer many advantages: they attract pollinators and some even have nutritional benefits. They will all allow you to create beautiful homemade bouquets throughout spring and summer. Discover them on these pages.


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