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Bulbs for cut flowers

2044 results

2044  results


Our range of bulbs for cut flowers. It includes spring bulbs such as the tulip or daffodil and summer bulbs such as dahlias or lilies. They are all perfect for creating diverse floral arrangements. Among our flagship varieties, the elegant and classic tulip comes in a multitude of colours and shapes. It adds a touch of refinement to any bouquet. The gladiolus, with its slender floral spikes and vibrant colours, is a timeless flower. The majestic lily has delicate and often fragrant petals. Like Lilium regale, which embodies purity, it is an exceptional bulb for your arrangements. The daffodil is the messenger of spring. Its yellow and white trumpets illuminate bouquets from the end of winter. The generous and colourful dahlia is a summer essential. Its varied forms and vibrant or pastel colours allow for great creativity in floral creations. The bearded iris, with its delicate petals and velvety beards, is a refined and elegant flower. The Dutch iris is a sophisticated flower that lives up to its name as a florist's iris: include it in your bouquets! Don't forget the hyacinth, with its intoxicating fragrance. It is a charming flower for the first bouquets of spring.

Choose from our wide range of bulbs to plant. They will transition from the garden to the home, in unique and personalized bouquets.


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