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Red flowering perennials

458 results

458  results


Perennial plants with red flowers are incomparable for capturing attention. In the garden, their brilliance and strength are unmatched for awakening and enlivening flower beds. Classic or exotic, they symbolize love and passion, and ignite even the coldest spaces. Use them sparingly to spice up a somewhat tame ensemble, or go all out and use them to compose fiery scenes. Poppy red or carmine, lightly tinted with pink or orange, the palette is wide! With species including Crocosmia Lucifer, Arborescent Aloes, Oriental Poppy,  and Pineapple Sage,regardless of their size, these perennials proudly display their colour. And since all shades of red are represented in our superb collection, you will definitely find the ideal hue for your garden!

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