Delphiniums sauvages

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16  results


Our Wild Delphiniums. Delphiniums, known as Larkspurs or Delphiniums, are majestic flowers that adorn many gardens. They descend from botanical species such as Delphinium elatum, whose tall stems bear bright blue flowers, or Delphinium belladonna, appreciated for its robustness and more delicate shades of blue. Its 'Moerheimii' variety stands out with its pure white flowers and increased robustness, ideal for exposed gardens. Delphinium grandiflorum, with its deep blue flowers, is a species appreciated for its more compact habit, ideal for small spaces. Delphinium ajacis, with its clusters of star-shaped flowers, brings a touch of elegance and lightness to flower beds. The delicate Delphinium consolida is known for its ease of cultivation and wild appearance. Let's also mention Delphinium requienii, a remarkable perennial species with light clusters of pale blue flowers. Delphinium staphisagria, on the other hand, stands out for its purple flowers and medicinal properties, and is often used in herbal medicine. Rarer, Delphinium cardinale is distinguished by its scarlet red flowers, an unusual colour for the genus, perfect for adding a touch of warm colour to flower beds. Discover all our wild delphiniums in this selection.


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