Delosperma roses

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11  results

Our Delosperma with pink to mauve flowers. In the small world of Delosperma, known as "perennial purslane", the species with pink flowers like Delosperma cooperi or mauve in the case of the variety 'Wheels of Wonder Violet' are famous for their beauty as well as their ease of cultivation. These small succulent plants, floriferous and drought-resistant, are perfect for rock gardens and containers. Less known, Delosperma sutherlandii, with its bright pink flowers and spreading habit, is ideal as ground cover in sunny and dry areas. Delosperma lehmannii, with its small pink flowers, is interesting for its ability to adapt to various environments. Let's also mention Delosperma echinatum, a species that bears delicate mauve flowers and unique thorn-shaped foliage, a small plant that doesn't go unnoticed! Delosperma dyeri, with its deep pink flowers, is appreciated for its robustness and abundant flowering. Fans of rarities will also discover the Drosanthemums, small drought-tolerant perennials closely related to Delospermas. Especially Drosanthemum hispidum or "rice grain" which sports small bright pink flowers on tiny shiny green leaves, or Drosanthemum candens with its prostrate, creeping and bushy habit, adorned with multiple pale pink flowers with shiny petals, from spring to autumn. These varieties of "purslanes" require well-drained soil and a sunny exposure. They are drought-resistant once established, but appreciate moderate watering during the growth and flowering periods, especially in pots.  

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