Evergreen and flowering hedges

395 results

395  results


The evergreen and flowering hedge has more than one advantage: dressed in winter persistent foliage, it is decorative all year round. It is particularly loved for its long and abundant flowering, often fragrant, capable of perfuming an entire section of the garden. You will find in the following selection emblematic bushes such as the Mexican orange or Abelia, but also many others, to choose according to the nature of your soil and your climate. The flowering hedge requires little or no pruning and at the right time, to enjoy the waltz of flowering and the beauty of fruiting. It can be monospecific, meaning composed of a single species or variety of bush. When the flowering hedge is mixed, it provides the opportunity to welcome a great diversity of plants that allow you to hide from view all year round. Beautiful and useful, it is a beautiful alternative to the classic and monospecific hedge!

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