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Crape Myrtle by flower colour

85 results

85  results


The Indian Lilac or Lagerstroemia, the Summer Lilac, is a bush adorned with beautiful clusters of red, white, pink, purple, or even bluish flowers depending on the varieties. Fiery red in 'Dynamite', pinkish red, magenta, bright pink to the softest pink in 'Summer Beauty Hope', vibrant violet in Lagerstroemia indica 'Black Solitaire' (Black Diamond) Purely Purple, and shades of purple and more or less pure white, sparkling in 'Neige d'Été'. Only yellow tones and true blue are absent from the colour palette of this bush. Rather hardy when mature, the Lagerstroemia is also interesting for its flamboyant autumn foliage, its bark that peels off in coloured patches, with soft shades of Indian pink, old rose, cinnamon, chocolate, almond, mouse grey, or cream.


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