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Frost-resistant perennials

5454 results

5454  results


Our frost-resistant perennial plants. Many hardy geraniums, echinaceas, and sedums are perfect examples of perennial plants resistant to very cold winters, with a stump capable of withstanding temperatures dropping down to -15°C or even lower. These are worry-free plants that adapt remarkably to difficult climatic conditions. The echinacea, appreciated for its colorful flowers and ease of maintenance, attracts pollinators and withstands harsh winters perfectly. The tall sedum, with its decorative foliage and prized for its late flowering, adds a touch of color and texture to autumn gardens. The perennial salvias, especially the varieties of Salvia nemorosa and Salvia pratensis, with decorative and melliferous flower spikes, are also very resistant to low temperatures. Let's also mention many asters, with their spectacular flowering that enlivens the garden in autumn, the bellflowers of the countryside, or the paniculate phlox, known for their fragrant floral panicles, in pastel or vibrant colors, the peonies, the Hellebores that bloom in the snow and cold. The Rudbeckia, with its sunny flowers, is a reliable bedding plant that is frost-resistant. And many others, to discover on these pages.

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