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Laurel tin

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6  results


Our range of Laurier tin. These evergreen shrubs are appreciated for their winter flowering, which brings life to the garden during the coldest months. The Viburnum tinus, or bush, stands out with its white to pinkish flowers grouped in dense umbels, often followed by very decorative blue-black berries. Among the popular varieties, 'Eve Price' offers abundant flowering and shiny leaves, while 'Gwenllian' is characterized by its pale pink flowers and berries that attract birds. The variety 'Variegatum', as its name suggests, has a beautiful variegated foliage of cream yellow, bright even in winter.

The bush is ideal for hedges. It thrives in non-burning sun or partial shade and appreciates well-drained soil, but remains tolerant of soil quality. Perfect in Mediterranean areas, this shrub withstands summer drought well. It is also an excellent option for coastal gardens, as it is resistant to sea spray.

Plant the bush in autumn or early spring. Prune lightly after flowering to maintain its shape and encourage branching. It is also an opportunity to remove the berries, which can be useful to keep control over its spread in the garden.

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