Conifères à couleurs d'automne

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48  results


Our deciduous conifers with colourful autumn foliage. Some deciduous conifers, such as Metasequoia glyptostroboides or the Larch, reveal spectacular colours at the end of the season. Metasequoia, with its coppery shades, and Larix kaempferi, which adorns itself with yellow, bronze, or even orange tones, are perfect examples to illustrate this autumnal metamorphosis. Taxodium distichum, or bald cypress, stands out with its autumnal foliage in shades of brown-red, in a warm colour palette. Ginkgo biloba, although not quite a conifer, but often associated with this group, displays, regardless of the variety, sumptuous golden foliage in autumn. Larix decidua, or European larch, surprises with its bright yellow that turns before falling. Some evergreen conifers have foliage that takes on interesting tones in response to the cold. This is the case, for example, with Thuya occidentalis ericoides, which turns purple and copper, or Juniperus horizontalis 'Blue Chip', which takes on violet hues in winter.

These conifers prefer well-drained soil and exposure to full sun or partial shade. Their hardiness varies, but they generally withstand winter conditions well. They do not all have the same watering requirements. Discover them in these pages, along with many cultivation tips.


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