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Affordable Rose Bushes

74 results

74  results


A selection of rose bushes at a low price, our best value for money! You will find on these pages a wide choice of rose bushes at affordable prices, climbing rose bushes, bushes with large flowers, ground cover roses, old-fashioned roses or English roses. Depending on the varieties, the rose bushes charm with the beauty and abundance of their flowering, their fragrance or their decorative fruits. In this category, the gardener will find great classics such as the climbing rose 'Iceberg' ('Fée de Neiges') or the excellent ground cover 'The Fairy'. But also reliable varieties ('Buff Beauty', 'Yolande d'Aragon'), roses for composing elegant bouquets ('Michelle Meilland') and famous English roses like 'William Shakespeare'. And of course, must-haves like 'Bordure d'Or', and discover climbing rose bushes that bloom again and again like 'Garland Rose'. We offer you over 75 varieties of rose bushes at very affordable prices to create the setting for a brand new garden at a low cost! To go further, also discover our selections of perennials at low prices and bushes at low prices.

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