Hellebores with ornamental foliage

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The ornamental foliage hellebores are as attractive for their foliage as they are for their winter flowering. The Helleborus 'Magic Leaves' and the Helleborus x glandorfensis HGC 'Ice N' Roses Marbled Mona Marble', among others, are magnificent plants. 'Magic Leaves' displays dark green leaves with silver marbling, while the 'Ice N' Roses Marbled Mona Marble' variety has green leaves with reddish veins and cream-white marbling. Other cultivars like the Helleborus foetidus 'Sopron' and the Helleborus 'Silver Dollar' have remarkable foliage. 'Sopron' stands out with its finely segmented silver-green leaves, while 'Silver Dollar' exhibits a gray-silver, almost metallic foliage that serves as a backdrop for its large white flowers. Collectors will appreciate the Helleborus x sternii 'Boughton Beauty' and its beautiful evergreen foliage with slate gray reflections, veined with silver and purple on the reverse. Also, the 'Walberton’s Rosemary' Hellebore with its shiny foliage and intense pink flowers. Discover all our varieties with decorative foliage on these pages.

Use hellebores like elements of an ancient tapestry, mixing them with woodland plants in brighter colors. Their foliage and flowers will enliven shaded areas throughout the year.

To learn everything about these plants, consult our file "Hellebores: planting and growing them"

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