Our Promises

At Promesse de fleurs, we strive all year round to keep our promises and commitments to you, in order to offer you an enjoyable, customised experience.

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we're proud to help make your garden a living masterpiece, reflecting your passion for plants.


Promise n°1

To offer you the widest selection of plants in the world.

Promise n°2

To offer you tailor-made advice to find the plants that will make your gardener’s heart throb.

Promise n°3

To select plants for everyone: whether you're a casual gardener or an expert collector, you'll find what you're looking for !

Promise n°4

To offer you new and exclusive products.

Promise n°5

To find exclusive plant gems that will be the envy of your neighbours !

Promise n°6

To offer you excellent customer service and customised advice: we’ll take good care of you !

Promise n°7

To guarantee uncompromisingly the recovery of our plants !

Promise n°8

To strive to offer you the best quality of service with honest and appropriate advice.

Promise n°9

With Plantfit, to offer you plants tailored for you, suited to your garden and skills.

Promise n°10

To be available for you: our advisors are there to listen to you and give you advice tailored to your needs !

Promise n°11

To prepare your plants with care, dispatching them fresh and in top condition for your garden.

Promise n°12

To offer next-day delivery of your plants to your home: we'll do everything we can !

Promise n°13

To promote enjoyable, responsible gardening: our way of helping you develop green fingers AND a smile.

Promise n°14

To help you enjoy your gardening with our straightforward, jargon-free gardening site.

Promise n°15

To grow our plants the hard way: no heating, no chemical fertilisers, no pesticides !

Promise n°16

To give plants in need of love a second chance with our Goody-Baskets !

Promise n°17

To do away with plastic via our Plastic-Free Ordering option.

Promise n°18

To work with quality growers and make long-term commitments to support the horticultural industry.

Promesse n°19

To live up to our values every day: respect for our fellow humans, team spirit, commitment and high standards,integrity, and respect for the environment.