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Non-spiky Mahonia

4 results

4  results


Our selection of non-"prickly" Mahonias. The Mahonias 'Soft Caress' and 'Sweet Winter' are two non-prickly varieties highly sought after for their elegance and soft-touch foliage. The Mahonia eurybracteata 'Soft Caress' stands out with its fine and flexible leaves, ideal for an elegant touch of green in the garden or in pots. The Mahonia Sweet Winter is quite similar, and offers a remarkable visual spectacle with its bright inflorescences in winter, bringing color and life to gardens even during the coldest months. The Mahonia 'Nara Hiri' is an exceptional bush, exotic like a fern, airy like a sacred bamboo. Its foliage, very soft, is adorned with lemon yellow flowers from October to December.

The Mahonia or holly-like bush is a hardy shrub that thrives in shade or semi-shade. Its evergreen and decorative foliage gives it an undeniable exotic touch. Discover everything you need to know about Mahonias in our guide: "Mahonia: planting, pruning, and maintenance"

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