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Japanese Charcoals

23 results

23  results


Our range of Japanese Euonymus. The Japanese Euonymus, Euonymus japonicus, is an evergreen bush, robust and easy to grow. It has produced many small or large cultivars, appreciated for their dense and glossy foliage, attractive all year round, suitable for most soils and climates.

Among the most well-known varieties, 'Euonymus japonicus 'President Gauthier'' stands out with its cream-white variegated leaves that bring exceptional brightness to shaded areas. The 'Green Spire' Japanese Euonymus, with its upright and compact habit, is perfect for creating low hedges or neat borders. Also discover the cultivar 'Microphyllus Albovariegatus', a small vine-plant reaching 90 cm in height with delicately variegated white box-like leaves, ideal for rockeries and gravel gardens. Let's also mention the 'Kathy' Japanese Euonymus, reaching 1.50 m in all directions, remarkable for its variegated foliage, perfect for creating beautiful free hedges and bright backgrounds for flower beds! Discover all our Japanese Euonymus on these pages.

Japanese Euonymus thrive in full sun or partial shade, in any well-drained soil. They require little care, withstand drought once established, and tolerate pruning. They are perfect evergreen bushes for beginner or experienced gardeners.

To find out everything, consult our complete guide "Euonymus, euonymus: planting, pruning and maintenance"

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