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Roses for bees and pollinators

75 results

75  results


At the heart of our commitment to biodiversity, we offer a wide range of wild rose bush varieties, including the wild dog rose Rosa canina, and its field cousin Rosa arvensis. These flowering shrubs are loved by bees and other pollinators. With their charming dog rose flowers, these rose bushes provide nectar and pollen to many pollinators, and then they produce hips that attract and feed birds during autumn. Among our flagship varieties is the large 'Complicata' Old Gallic Rose with its large bright pink flowers and golden heart, covered in hips during autumn. The robust and fragrant David Austin 'Wild Edric' Rose has captivating deep pink shades. 'Golden Wings' offers almost translucent light yellow flowers with elegant prominent stamens. Among the shrub roses, there are several varieties with single flowers that need no treatments. For example, 'Rosanatura Rosea' with its pale pink flowers or 'Street Colors Champs Elysées'. Among the climbers are the vigorous 'Mermaid' with its large well-stamened pale yellow flowers, or fragrant, red and yellow 'Cocktail' that only climbs in the south. Each of these varieties has been carefully selected to enhance the garden with natural beauty and promote biodiversity. Discover them and many more on these pages.

Planting these rose bushes for pollinators is a boost for nature, and they are simple to grow. They thrive in full sun or partial shade, in any well-prepared garden soil, without much maintenance.



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