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Passiflores - Passion fruits

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7  results


Our range of fruiting Passiflores, varieties that produce edible and tasty fruits including the famous passion fruit. Like Passiflora edulis, the grenadille, or Passiflora quadrangularis, the barbadine, these exotic climbers are prized for their spectacular flowering and delicious fruits. Less known, Passiflora incarnata, also known as the officinal passion flower, produces delicately scented flowers and small edible oval fruits. Recent hybrids, such as Passiflora 'Eia Popeia' and 'Fata Confetto', are also remarkable for their spectacular flowers as well as their tasty fruits and cold resistance. Discover these treasures and more on these pages.

Cultivating fruiting Passiflores and harvesting their own fruits is rewarding. These lianas thrive in generous sunlight or partial shade, sheltered from cold winds, in rich, fresh, and well-drained soil. Watering should be regular, without excess, to promote abundant flowering and generous fruiting. To obtain fruits, it is essential to cultivate at least two plants.

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